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Fibre Optic Based Large System

Fibre Optic Based Large System
Fibre Optic Based Large System
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Product Description

Fibre Optic Based Large System

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, our company is successfully meeting the demand of many industries as a reliable supplier, service provider, distributor and trading company. We are offering Fibre Optic Based Large System, which is a method of transmitting the light from one place to another to find the defect or flaws in any product. It is made with long and thin strands of glass, which is about the diameter of a human hair. These glasses are arranged in bundles known as optical cables that are used to transfer the light signals over long distances. It sends the pulses of light through optical fibres. This light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave, which is modulated to transfer the information.

How does a Fibre Optic Based Large System Works?

The light in fibre optic cable travels through the core via constantly bouncing from the mirror lined walls. The cladding does not absorb the light, hence the light wave can travel long distances. This principle of travelling the light is known as total internal reflection. The product is designed with redundant storage DVRs and matrix switchers, which further increase its efficiency.


  • For Mechanical Imaging to inspect mechanical welds in engines and pipes of shuttles, airplanes, cars, etc
  • For Medical Imaging in laparoscopies, bronchoscopes, endoscopes, etc
  • For Plumbing to inspect sewer lines.

In addition to this, our product also finds application in various Plants & Organizations to transfer video data to large distances and various multiple controlling points.


  • Flexible
  • Higher carrying capacity
  • Less expensive
  • Less signal degradation
  • Light signals
  • Lightweight
  • Non-flammable
  • Thinner.


  • New Statistical processing functions such as: Face matching/ Age & Gender judgment and People counting.
  • Number of detected human faces displayed on a statistical chart segregated by age & gender for a single day or a limited time period.
  • Age distribution groups are displayed by separated colors.
  • The statistical data can be saved as a CSV data file on a SD/SDHC memory card or on a PC connected over a network.
  • CSV file: A data file that can be edited by using a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Office Excel.